Outdoor Digital Signs for Your Community Activities

Outdoor Digital Signs

Promote Your Community & Events Using Outdoor Digital Signs

Get your community involved! Digital LED signage is attention grabbing, which gives you the perfect opportunity to let everyone know about your community achievements or upcoming events. With an outdoor digital display, you could:

  • Promote community events
  • Remind people to vote
  • Welcome visitors

Recognize Community Achievements

Having digital signs in your community will help you spread the word quickly, It is also a great option or complement to paper advertising. Your municipality takes advantage by going green and significantly decrease the amount of paper waste by promoting events digitally. If you have not already, we recommend installing outdoor digital signs in front of local schools and your main administrative buildings. These places often provide the most visibility and traffic for spreading news within communities.

Bring Awareness to Your Community With Digital Displays

Your digital municipality signs do not always have to be about promoting the community. Simple reminders and emergency announcements can be helpful to locals and passersby. If you have a fire or police departments near busy roads, take advantage of the location and install a digital municipality sign. These signs are perfect for:Digital LED signage

  • Emergency information
  • Public service announcements
  • Friendly reminders like “Buckle up!”, “Slow down!”, or “Check your detector!”

Also, having digital signs in front of your emergency service buildings also brings attention to where they actually are located and can help make your community a safer place.

Installing Digital Signage in Your Community

If you want to get started with the best digital display for your municipality, partner up with a professional sign company. From acquiring permits to design & installation, Front Range Sign Company is an all-inclusive provider of custom signs, channel letter, and more.

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Front Range Sign Company Officially Registers Trademark

the best signage products in Colorado

Taking Our Company to the Next Level

need professional & reliable signs in ColoradoGood news! We are proud to announce that Front Range Sign Company® is now recognized as an officially registered trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. We would like to thank all of our valued customers for their continued support and helping us to take our business to the next level.

Three Benefits of Trademarks

Some advantages of a registered trademark for our customers include:

  1. A trademark is an indicator of a consistent level of quality of products and services.
  2. Trademarks are important because they ensure that people know where services and goods are coming from.
  3. If (unfortunately) the product turns out to be damaged or defective, you have the right information about the source of it and can return it to the manufacturer or supplier for a refund.

Get to Know Our Services

Apart from providing you with the best signage products in Colorado, we offer three vital services for the success of your advertising campaigns.

Project Management manage your signage project

We manage your signage project by planning, organizing, and controlling our resources to reach your particular goal. Our objective is to achieve the project goals while respecting the quality, scope, time, and budget.


We are experts in managing and expediting the complicated process of sign approval to comply with the city codes. Every city has their own regulations and rules and our specialists will ensure that your signage is in compliance with any local ordinances while having the maximum effect.

Onsite Analysis and Survey

We will come out and take measurements and photos during this analysis onsite at your business to ensure that our sign drawings are accurate and to assure that we have all the information required when presenting a permit application for review. This will aid in preventing delays due to an incomplete permit application.

Remember, custom signs aid small businesses in being more legitimate. So, whenever you need professional & reliable signs in Colorado, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

“A business with a good sign is a sign of a good business”

Easy Tips to Designing Custom Signs

21b6f9af-d1b2-49e9-93cf-f3124c71d79cCurb-appeal is often a term reserved for real estate, but as any commercial business owner knows curb-appeal is a vital component to getting new customers in the door. One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to increase your business’s curb appeal is by investing in a custom sign.  Whether you need a permanent lighted sign or a temporary banner, the way a sign is designed can have a huge influence on a business’ ability to capture more customers. Thankfully, there are a few design rules you can follow to create, effective, eye-catching custom signs.


#1. Your Logo


A logo is the perfect medium to provide your customers with a visual impression of your business. Your logo should be able to describe your business in one succinct image. While designing a logo, you need to consider your target market and should be consistent with your services and products.


#2. The Application


Consider where your sign will be posted and design it around its usage. The sign should tell potential customers what your business is about, and why they should choose your business. The logo and tagline should be simple and clean.


#3. Be Consistent


One of the easiest ways to create customer loyalty is with brand recognition. By keeping with a consistent logo, color pattern and message customers will recognize your brand everywhere they go.


#4. Less is More


A lot of small business organizations commit a common mistake by trying to squeeze everything into a single sign. Overpopulating your sign with information is overwhelming to the customer. The information you provide should be relevant, concise and straightforward.


#5. Adhere to local requirements


Last but not the least, it’s important to understand that most cities have certain guidelines and codes you need to follow. For instance, all cities require permits to hang a sign on a building. Before you place your sign anywhere, it is best to have your sign company check with local authorities. This helps you avoid hefty fines that may incur when you don’t follow guidelines and codes.


For more information or to get a quote on a custom sign for your business contact us today. Front Range Signs is a company that is completely licensed and insured, specializing in custom designed Channel Letters, Lighted Sign Cabinets, Watchfire LED Reader Boards, and Lobby Signs.