What Are Channel Letter Signs?

What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Also known as “standard” channel letters, they work to produce signage that can be used for interior and exterior advertising and decoration. Whether lighted or not, they are designed to catch your attention during the daytime and at night.  Custom channel letter signs are often purchased by stores, tanning salons, restaurants, and bars.

Channel Letter Types

Front Lit Channel Letters

Channel Letter TypesThe most commonly used type is the front lit option. The face is the only part that imparts illumination. They can be raceway mounted or flush with LED or neon illumination. The colors for the face, the trim cap, and the return can all be fully tailored. They are also UL listed.

Reverse Channel Letters

Also called “halo lit” letters, they give a unique way to advertise. This signage option is popular among those seeking a professional aesthetic.

Front & Back Lit Channel Letters

Front & back lit letters take their name from the fact that they emit illumination from the back and the face. They provide a look that is very business forward and professional and utilize the benefits of both front and back lit option. LED lighting or neon can be used to illuminate these signs, prevent the nesting of animals thanks to clear polycarbonate backs.

Open Face Channel Letters

This sign option is ideal for nightclubs, restaurants, and other business types that require easily seen and bright signage. You can also choose from neon illumination and clear acrylic faces. Open face letters are UL listed.

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