Need LED Message Signs for Businesses in Colorado?

Need LED Message Signs for Businesses in Colorado

Get Familiar with the LED Terminology

Before you jump into the LED signage world, we would like to share basic terminology with you to help you make a savvy purchase.

What is LED?

A LED (Light Emitting Diode) is an incandescent light alternative that is effective, efficient, and ultra bright. Due to the lack of filament that traditional bulbs have, LEDs lack this part so they do not burn out. Watchfire utilizes LEDs that are the single-bin type grouped by brightness and color value to ensure the sign is even. LEDS can be calibrated by the sign company for color and brightness for a uniform image quality throughout the whole sign and long-lasting, vibrant color.

What is a LED?

LED Lights Important Terms

Here are a few of the fundamental things you want to define before exploring LED signs.

Pixel Pitch

The pixel pitch is just the sign’s overall resolution. So, it is the distance from the center of a LED cluster (or pixel) to the center of the next LED cluster and millimeters are used to measure it. One red, one green, and one blue. The closer the LEDs are together, the smaller the pitch, providing a more vivid and crisp image, and a tighter resolution.


The LED matrix is the number of pixels wide by the number high of the sign. Note that two signs that have the same outside dimensions but differ in pitch will each have a different matrix.

Viewing Distance

The best viewing distance is where there is a smooth and consistent blend of the individual pixels. Signs with wider pixel spacing found on our 25mm or 35mm signs are better for locations where the sign will be installed farther away from traffic or at a great height, while signs with a short pixel distance, such as the 12mm or 10mm types, are ideal when you need a close viewing distance.

You don’t need to be an expert on LED signs, but it is important to be familiar with the terminology so you can make sure you get exactly what have in mind. Then, Front Range Sign Company will do the job for you. Just let us know what you need. Click here to request a on LED signs

Front Range Sign Company Officially Registers Trademark

the best signage products in Colorado

Taking Our Company to the Next Level

need professional & reliable signs in ColoradoGood news! We are proud to announce that Front Range Sign Company® is now recognized as an officially registered trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. We would like to thank all of our valued customers for their continued support and helping us to take our business to the next level.

Three Benefits of Trademarks

Some advantages of a registered trademark for our customers include:

  1. A trademark is an indicator of a consistent level of quality of products and services.
  2. Trademarks are important because they ensure that people know where services and goods are coming from.
  3. If (unfortunately) the product turns out to be damaged or defective, you have the right information about the source of it and can return it to the manufacturer or supplier for a refund.

Get to Know Our Services

Apart from providing you with the best signage products in Colorado, we offer three vital services for the success of your advertising campaigns.

Project Management manage your signage project

We manage your signage project by planning, organizing, and controlling our resources to reach your particular goal. Our objective is to achieve the project goals while respecting the quality, scope, time, and budget.


We are experts in managing and expediting the complicated process of sign approval to comply with the city codes. Every city has their own regulations and rules and our specialists will ensure that your signage is in compliance with any local ordinances while having the maximum effect.

Onsite Analysis and Survey

We will come out and take measurements and photos during this analysis onsite at your business to ensure that our sign drawings are accurate and to assure that we have all the information required when presenting a permit application for review. This will aid in preventing delays due to an incomplete permit application.

Remember, custom signs aid small businesses in being more legitimate. So, whenever you need professional & reliable signs in Colorado, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

“A business with a good sign is a sign of a good business”

What You Need to Know About Outdoor Sign Cabinets

Illuminate Your Brand and Location with Sign Cabinets

Ensure your place is constantly illuminated with the right lighted cabinet signs.imgres Also known as “box” or “wall” signs, they are a popular option when it comes to lighted signage. Cabinet signs provide an efficient alternative to employing eye-popping graphics and a large copy area.

You can use a sign copy that is either lighted or not and you can opt to make the background what provides illumination.

Lighted Sign Cabinets in Colorado

If you need a large and efficient electric sign on a limited budget, then a Lighted Sign Cabinet is a good choice. They are very popular in shopping plazas, where businesses change from time to time. In fact, if your retail store is located in a plaza, it may be your only choice for your main sign.

Outdoor Sign CabinetsThis sort of electronic sign can be placed on a pole or pylon or mounted on the front of a building. The cabinet structure is a painted metal frame, which is a big box with internal wiring, a light source, and a power supply. Cabinet signs traditionally use fluorescent lighting, but LEDs are also available as the light source. The front of the sign has a translucent white acrylic sheet, and the sign’s letters and shapes are precision cut from adhesive-backed vinyl.

Robust and durable, cabinet signs work when you want to utilize small graphical elements or letters that may make channel letters a poor choice. Depending on the complexity of each cabinet, our cabinet signs can be built to fit anyone’s budget.

Cabinet signs are perfect for:

  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Service Centers

Get your Outdoor Sign Cabinets from Front Range Sign Company. All of our lighted signs are UL Rated and meet state and national standards. They are fabricated right here in Colorado as you desire. Request a quote here.

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Channel Letter Signs 101

What Are Channel Letter Signs?

What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Also known as “standard” channel letters, they work to produce signage that can be used for interior and exterior advertising and decoration. Whether lighted or not, they are designed to catch your attention during the daytime and at night.  Custom channel letter signs are often purchased by stores, tanning salons, restaurants, and bars.

Channel Letter Types

Front Lit Channel Letters

Channel Letter TypesThe most commonly used type is the front lit option. The face is the only part that imparts illumination. They can be raceway mounted or flush with LED or neon illumination. The colors for the face, the trim cap, and the return can all be fully tailored. They are also UL listed.

Reverse Channel Letters

Also called “halo lit” letters, they give a unique way to advertise. This signage option is popular among those seeking a professional aesthetic.

Front & Back Lit Channel Letters

Front & back lit letters take their name from the fact that they emit illumination from the back and the face. They provide a look that is very business forward and professional and utilize the benefits of both front and back lit option. LED lighting or neon can be used to illuminate these signs, prevent the nesting of animals thanks to clear polycarbonate backs.

Open Face Channel Letters

This sign option is ideal for nightclubs, restaurants, and other business types that require easily seen and bright signage. You can also choose from neon illumination and clear acrylic faces. Open face letters are UL listed.

If you need channel letter signs for your business in Colorado, do not hesitate to contact Front Range Sign Company. Our channel letter signs are custom made right here in Colorado to match your specifications and expectations accurately!


Signs in Times Square

Need LED Message Signs for Businesses in Colorado

Times Square is a Visual Masterpiece

If you have ever been to NYC, you have probably taken a stroll through Times Square. If you have not seen it at night, you are truly missing out on a dance of colors, movement, and visual aesthetic. There are a number of signs that are sure to catch your attention while you make your way through this busy hub of the city.

Celebrate a Love of Chocolate

In the Times Square area, you will find 19 signs depicting some of America’s favorite candies. The signs are of all of the different candy bars that are produced by the company Hershey. Some are lit, some are neon, and some are lit using the other lighted candy signs. It is a true piece of art and a must-see for foodies and chocolate lovers alike.

You can find this collection of eclectic candy signs at 48th Street and Broadway. It is on top of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, so if you are staying at this hotel, you are in for a sweet visual treat.

A Mesmerizing Treat

This display of sweet signage represents the history of this popular chocolate company. You will find a variety of sign styles in multiple sizes. They are sitting in a variety of ways too, adding to the artsy feel of the corner. You will also find some messages from the Hershey company on a horizontal sign toward the bottom of the bright display. The design is meant to have an architectural feel to it and there is a method to how each and every sign was placed. The placement makes it possible to easily see and enjoy each sign, but they are still grouped together so that it makes a complete work of art on the facade of this Times Square hotel.

This Visual Wonder Was No Easy Task

This was a complicated process to ensure that every sign was properly anchored and to ensure that every one was visible. Each sign can stand on its own due to its design, but all are integrated together to create a fun and complete feel. The order of the signs is due to a number of factors, such as street accessibility, overall logistics, and the sign size. While there was certainly a method to the madness, there was also some last-minute considerations that went into choosing the exact placement of these chocolate treat displays.


LED Custom Signs Are The Best Storefront Advertising Media

shutterstock_160163327Every business requires signage to both identify and legitimize it to its community. Furthermore, the type of signs you use will determine their efficacy, as regards both of these factors. LED signs are one of the most practical, affordable and effective types of custom signs. They are so useful largely because of their vibrancy. They can be seen in the night or day, even from a relatively great distance. Whether you need them only to identify that your business is open or to advertise the nature and purpose of your business, LED signs are one of the best methods of grabbing the attention of anyone nearby.

If you are only using LED signs to convey whether or not your business is open you are severely under utilizing this amazing and effective advertising tool. With custom signs, you can say whatever you want, in a way that will get your community’s attention. Many stores and other small businesses use custom LED signs to display their logo, company name or slogan. Customizing these signs is easy, as you can select whatever letters or symbols you want and assemble them yourself. Because of this incredible creative freedom, you should make your custom signs reflect your business. They should say or display something that will make your business stand out to your community, demonstrating its function and appeal.

From a purely economical standpoint, LED signs have a lot of benefits. They are inexpensive to purchase and install, even if you need a custom sign. Not only that, they are energy efficient. Because they utilize LED technology instead of ordinary incandescent or florescent lights, they use very little power, yet create a large amount of light. This is doubly beneficial, since it enables you to leave your sign on all night and day without running up a large electric bill.

LED signs can be used both outdoors and indoors. Nevertheless, you must ensure that the signs you have purchased are safe to use outside if that is your intention. Outdoor LED signs must be waterproof and weatherproof, and they are often slightly more costly than indoor LED signs. With either outdoor or indoor signs, visibility is critical. Fortunately, they do not need to be very large to get people’s attention, provided they have been placed in a highly visible location. In general, placing signs higher makes them more visible than placing them on the ground or lower in your windows.


Create Effective Custom Signs For Your Business

shutterstock_158350922Every business new and old relies on signage to attract customers and further the image of their brand. It is smart to engage with a designer or advertising firm to make sure that your image and messaging are consistent. A graphic designer can review your existing collateral and make sure that all designs, colors and use of logo work synergistically together. While many choose generic signs, it’s better to have custom signs that will leave a memorable impression on potential customers.

There are a vast number of different signs business owners can choose from, including temporary signs promoting an event or seasonal specials to custom 3D signs. Temporary signs are typically the most cost efficient, these are usually banners made from vinyl that can easily be put up and taken down. Sidewalk signs know as sandwich boards are also popular to announce current specials. For a more permanent custom signs are usually fabricated and may include led lighting or 3D images.

Custom Sign Designing Tips:
Following a few simple rules can help to ensure that your custom signs are being noticed by future customers.

• Choose colors that will stand out. Take into consideration the color of the exterior building facade and the amount of light that will be projected onto the sign if it’s not illuminated.

• Pick two or three colors and build around your inside décor and signage around that color palate. Small design elements will just get lost so keep it simple, a logo an image is usually adequate and easy for customers to see.
• Make sure your custom signs are easy to read. The font should be large enough to read and succinct so people can easily read they’re driving past.
• Do some recognizance and see what type of signage competitors are using. This gives you an idea of what others are doing so you can stand out in the crowd.
• While it’s a more costly option, digital signage enables the retail outlet to update their messages. Bars and restaurants often use scrolling text signs to highlight daily specials, new drinks and special menu items. Many also enable the establishment to add photos of daily specials


Custom Signs Help Legitimize Your Small Business

imgresMany businesses look at digital media when pursuing new advertising efforts and ignore the traditional methods that have proven successful for decades. Advertising methods like banners, billboards, and signs remain an effective option for getting people’s attention. 

Whether you run a franchise, a branch of a major corporation or a small business, having a recognizable location is critical to your company’s success. Recognition is important to any successful venture and signage is the key. Having a professional sign legitimizes your business and it lets members of your community know where to go to find you. There are many different ways to incorporate signs into your business, but the most important place to put a sign is directly in front of your business.

The more difficult it is to find your business, the more likely customers will give up and go somewhere else. In addition to putting a sign up on the exterior of your business, it may also be effective to put one up on the street upon which your business is located. This lets passersby know when and where to turn. It may even draw in new clientele who had no idea that your business existed.

There are several different types of signs that can be used to advertise your restaurant, retail store or other small business. While the most inexpensive signs are permanent and unchangeable, some of the most effective signs are those that can display various messages like digital reader boards, which use LED lights to display whatever message you need.

Digital reader board signs are an excellent way to grab the attention of pedestrians and drivers in your area, since the vibrancy of the LED lights can be seen from far away, whether it is light or dark outside. If you have more to say than can fit on a sign panel, digital reader boards can change every few seconds to display the entirety of your message. Essentially, they are tantamount to having several different signs at once.

While digital reader boards are best for attracting attention from passersby, it is still best to have a custom sign directly above or in front of your business. This legitimizes it as a business, while also giving it an identity. Every successful business has an identity that defines it to its community, so take the time to develop a sign that embodies the image for which your company strives.

How A Watchfire LED Reader Board Saves Money And Energy

imgresAccording to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, more than 90 percent of Americans have at least one vehicle and make at least one trip on a highway each weekday. This means more than 90 percent of America is exposed to outdoor advertising. This fact begs the question: Is your business using this to its advantage?

This form of advertising is constant and effective. It attracts people by providing easy to understand promotions for a wide range of businesses. Acquiring the right signage that grabs people’s attention is the holy grail of marketing. Creativity is the key to capturing the consideration of a potential consumer. Watchfire LED Reader Boards give a retail signage option that catches attention and is cost-effective for business owners. Watchfire LED Reader Boards are a better option than static signs because they can be easily custom designed for multiple target audiences at different times of the day. Now that’s effective advertising!

How LED Signs Are Different

LEDs are the size of a fleck of pepper. They are a mixture of red, green, blue and are typically used to make white light, although billions of colors are the result of the light emitting diodes. Light is only cast into a single direction, which makes reflectors unnecessary. This will also help to reduce the overall emitted heat to ensure better energy efficiency.

Watchfire LED Signs are Cost Effective, Long Lasting, Durable and Energy Efficient

In the past, the considerable disadvantage of working with LEDs was the increase in cost. However, Purdue University created a special process to take the place of the sapphire-based technology using silicon wafers to make the process more cost-effective. This makes LEDs competitively priced with traditional lighting sources and possibly the next generation’s standard of lighting choice.

A typical LED has a lifespan of 100,000 hours, which is the equivalent of being on 18 hours a day for 14 years. This is up to 10 times as long as compact fluorescents.

Unlike other forms of lighting, LED lights are tough and difficult to damage. They do not have a filament, as a traditional bulb, and hold their own through any mishaps.

The real benefit of LED lights is cost productivity through energy efficiency. The LED bulb requires much less wattage than the CFL or incandescent bulb. Because the LED is a directional light source, meaning they emit light in a specific direction, they are able to use light and energy more efficiently. For example, an LED circuit proves 80% efficiency, which means 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light. This leads us to the next point.

The Small Business Administration states that businesses often select advertising based on the cost per thousand exposures of their message to the public. Based on this principle, an LED display is the most cost effective, dollar for dollar, form of advertising than any other advertising method. With a LED electronic message display sign, the cost is less than $0.15 per 1,000 exposures. This makes for an incredibly effective move on your advertising dollars.

Front Range Sign offers Watchfire LED outdoor digital signs in Denver and Colorado’s Front Range. Call today.

Easy Tips to Designing Custom Signs

21b6f9af-d1b2-49e9-93cf-f3124c71d79cCurb-appeal is often a term reserved for real estate, but as any commercial business owner knows curb-appeal is a vital component to getting new customers in the door. One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to increase your business’s curb appeal is by investing in a custom sign.  Whether you need a permanent lighted sign or a temporary banner, the way a sign is designed can have a huge influence on a business’ ability to capture more customers. Thankfully, there are a few design rules you can follow to create, effective, eye-catching custom signs.


#1. Your Logo


A logo is the perfect medium to provide your customers with a visual impression of your business. Your logo should be able to describe your business in one succinct image. While designing a logo, you need to consider your target market and should be consistent with your services and products.


#2. The Application


Consider where your sign will be posted and design it around its usage. The sign should tell potential customers what your business is about, and why they should choose your business. The logo and tagline should be simple and clean.


#3. Be Consistent


One of the easiest ways to create customer loyalty is with brand recognition. By keeping with a consistent logo, color pattern and message customers will recognize your brand everywhere they go.


#4. Less is More


A lot of small business organizations commit a common mistake by trying to squeeze everything into a single sign. Overpopulating your sign with information is overwhelming to the customer. The information you provide should be relevant, concise and straightforward.


#5. Adhere to local requirements


Last but not the least, it’s important to understand that most cities have certain guidelines and codes you need to follow. For instance, all cities require permits to hang a sign on a building. Before you place your sign anywhere, it is best to have your sign company check with local authorities. This helps you avoid hefty fines that may incur when you don’t follow guidelines and codes.


For more information or to get a quote on a custom sign for your business contact us today. Front Range Signs is a company that is completely licensed and insured, specializing in custom designed Channel Letters, Lighted Sign Cabinets, Watchfire LED Reader Boards, and Lobby Signs.