Marquee Signs for Your Colorado Business

Marquee Signs in Colorado

Create a Grand Display with Marquee Signs

Marquee signs are big signage structures that are usually placed over the entrance of gaming facilities, hotels, and theaters. These signs are incorporated into the architecture of the building. They use multiple design options, such as LED lighting, zip track lettering, LED message boards, flashing neon, neon.  The marquee sign design forms a grand display that announces a business’ current and upcoming attractions, promotions, products, and services. Marquee signs are head-turning works of art that will be the centerpiece of a business displaying vital information to the prospective customer. Many old hotels and theaters converted to retail businesses opt for refurbishing an existing marquee sign to their specific needs.

Marquee Signs Advantages

Also referred to as LED signs, reader boards, electronic signs, or digital displays, these sign types present several benefits.

  • Advertise timely sales for your businessChannel Letter Signs in Colorado
  • Appreciate employees to the community.
  • Promote school activities, important announcements
  • Recognize students’ achievements 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Show the different gathering and service times at worship establishments

Marquee Signs Options

Marquee signs are superior outdoor message centers with changeable letters in traditional, deluxe, and economy styles. Options include monochrome and full color, double-sided and single-sided, and 16mm and 20mm pixels.

Lighted Cabinets, Channel Letter Signs, & Electronic Message Centers all across the Front Range

LED signs in DenverFront Range Sign Co. is a fully insured and licensed sign company that specializes in providing our customers with custom­ designed lighted sign cabinets, channel letter signs, Watchfire LED reader boards, and lobby signs. An industry leader, we use the latest technology in making custom signs and take pride in decreasing your long­-term energy costs by integrating the latest LED lighting options into your lighted signage.

At Front Range Sign Company®, we have been creating custom signs for Denver area businesses and organizations for over eight years. Contact us today for all your signage needs.

Get to Know the Pan Channel Letters

custom made channel letter signs

What is a Pan Channel Letter Sign?

A pan channel letter is the most popular kind of sign letter. A single letter is made of metal ‘’known as the pan’’ shaped like a letter. The various lighting and electrical parts of the letter are placed inside the pan. Each letter can be mounted directly to a building. With a trim cap material, the letter pan and a plastic face are joined together. The face is usually colored & translucent, making it easy to see the sign night and day from a significant distance.

Letter signs are an excellent way to let know passerby where you are located. You see them often in places like shopping plazas and malls, and retail centers.

Reverse Pan Channel Letters

Reverse pan channel letters are a type of sign letter. Like a regular pan channel letter, it is a “pan” shaped like a letter. However, they are referred as “reverse pans” because the letter has the metal on the bottom facing the fascia of the wall, unlike the regular type where there is an inward facing of the metal bottom. Reverse pan channel letters give a much elegant and softer look. They are commonly seen in business parks, banks, medical plazas, and restaurants.

More Pan Channel Letter Options

  • Any font stylechannel letters in Colorado
  • Caps with a color trim
  • They do not have lights
  • Lit with LED or neon
  • Translucent vinyl applied
  • Open faced where the neon tubes are exposed
  • Front lit so the face get direct lighting
  • Polycarbonate or acrylic faces that are colored
  • Custom logos, type styles, and numbers are available
  • Reverse lit, providing a halo appearance for a softer or intimate look

If you need channel letters in Colorado, please contact Front Range Company. All of our lighted signs are UL-rated and meet all local, state, and national standards. We custom make channel letter signs right here in Colorado exactly to your specifications and expectations! Call us today at (303) 946-0124, or request a quote here.

Designing Effective Retail Signage

Create a Powerful First Impression with Retail Signage

Your sign can be the most important aspect of your business. Many people will see your business for the first time by looking at your sign. Your retail signage will generate your potential customer’s first impressions of your business.

Four Tips for Creating Powerful Retail Signs

1. Inviting and Positive Signs

The driving purpose of retail signage is to communicate with the customer. Businesses want their sign to establish a personal relationship with the customer, generating interest in their products and services. The retail sign should convey a clear message about what type of business it is. A simple description can also be essential. The sign should never introduce information about price, specific product information, or business policy.

2. Clear and Easy-to-Read

Tips for Creating Powerful Retail SignsSimplicity is the key. Make sure your sign is clear and easy to read, as many people will be driving by your business over 30 MPH or walking by briskly without paying attention to their surroundings. Keep it short and to the point, using just the business name and possibly a logo. Avoid print and images that are small, as well as punctuation that is not necessary. Any information and slogans should be put on interior or ground-based signs.

3. Intuitive to Color Scheme and Letter Placement

Color schemes must be easy on the eyes and use contrasting colors. Yellow on white is not going to be easy to read. However, black and white is a classic example of contrast at its best. Be aware of letter kerning as well, making sure letters are well-spaced and not too close to each other.

4. Value Customization & Quality

Technology presents endless possibilities, and it is astonishing to see businesses that do not utilize resources when producing retail signs. Do not use handwritten signs, as they give an air of unprofessionalism. Businesses should work with professionals to create signs that cultivate quality and trust.

Signs will show your ability to be detailed and authoritative. To ensure this, your signs should always be accurate and clear. If there are inaccuracies or low quality, this negatively impacts your credibility.

Front Range Sign Company is a fully insured and licensed sign company in Colorado that will work with your business to ensure custom sign designs at a fair price. We have worked on and produced hundreds of Denver retail signs and are up to speed with city regulations and sign codes. We will handle all areas of installation and maintenance and will make sure that the sign provides the right aesthetic for your business. Contact us at (303) 946-0124!

Save Money and Energy with a Watchfire LED Reader Board

watchfire-sign in Denver

Watchfire LED Reader Board Impact

Outdoor advertisements provide 24-hour, 7-days-a-week advertising to a captive audience. Outdoor signs capture interest in potential consumers by providing easy-to-understand promotions for a wide range of businesses. Getting the right signage that grabs people’s attention is the holy grail of marketing. Creativity is the key to capturing the consideration of a potential consumer. Watchfire LED reader boards provide eye-catching and compelling retail signs in an affordable manner. Unlike static signs, Watchfire LED Reader Boards can be easily personalized designed for multiple target viewers at different times of the day.

How LED Signs Are Different

LEDs are a mixture of red, green, and blue small devices and are frequently used to produce white light, despite being able to reproduce billions of colors via light emitting diodes. They eliminate the need for reflectors due to emitting light in one direction. Consequently, the amount of heat being emitted is less than the amount emitted by CFL bulbs, which release eighty percent of their energy as heat.

In the past, working with LEDs was not affordable. Nowadays, there is a process that uses inexpensive silicon wafers to replace the expensive sapphire-based technology. LEDs are then competitively priced with conventional lighting sources.

A standard LED has a lifespan of 100,000 hours, which is the equivalent of being on eighteen hours a day for fourteen years. This is up to ten times as long as compact fluorescents.

Contrary to other forms of lighting, LED lights are difficult to damage. They do not have a filament, as a traditional bulb, and hold their own through any mishaps.

LED signs in Littleton

LED Lights Benefits

The LED bulb needs much less wattage than incandescent bulb or the CFL. Because the LED is a directional light source, meaning they more efficiently use energy and light due to emitting it in a single direction. For example, there is an eighty percent greater efficiency with an LED circuit, which means eighty percent of the power is transformed to light.

Often, businesses select advertising based on the cost per thousand exposures of their message to the public. Based on this principle, a LED display is the most cost-effective (dollar for dollar) way of advertising than any other advertising medium. With a LED electronic message display sign, the cost is less than $0.15 per 1,000 exposures.

Front Range Sign Company® offers Watchfire LED outdoor digital signs in Denver and Colorado’s Front Range. Call today at (303) 946-0124.

Create an Effect of Depth and Space with 3D Letters

Three-Dimensional Letters & Signs in ColoradoThree-Dimensional Letters & Signs

Three-dimensional (3D) letters and signs deliver a high-impact presentation while creating an effect of depth and space. These kinds of signs are ideal for corporate signage, both outdoors and indoors. They can be viewed from a distance on outdoor walls, in reception areas, and on plaques or monuments.

Dimensional Signage Materials

A variety of material types can be utilized to create dimensional signage.

The material thickness and finishes can vary. Please refer to the following guide to decide which is best for you!

Custom 3D signs in ColoradoMetal Letters & Logos

They can be comprised of flat cut metal (water jet or routed), cast metal, or fabricated letters. of cast metal, flat cut metal (routed or water jet), or fabricated letters. To get the “halo-lit” letter effect, fabricated letters can be utilized.

Plastic & Acrylic Letters

These type of letters can be flat cut letters from 1/8″ thick all the way up to 1″ thick, cast plastic letters, and formed plastic letters, which are vacuum-formed. Also, PVC can be cut, which is less expensive and looks fantastic when painted.

Foam Letters

Foam letters are lightweight for easy installation (just using double-sided tape and silicone), and as durable as almost any other materials. They can be as thick as 2 inches and can include a laminate (such as acrylics, brushed aluminum, and polished aluminum, among others). They do not require the installer to drill holes into your walls and use studs to secure the letters like other materials.


These are thin layers that are “laminated” to the surface of the main material substrate.

Any of the above materials can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.

With so many options available, it’s challenging to decide which style is a good fit for you. Contact Front Range Sign Company®. We will happily assist you with all your signage needs.

3D Signs in Colorado

Lobby Signs for Your Office in Colorado

Lobby Signs in Colorado

Represent Your Company’s Image With Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are an important interior business signage. They embody your company image and compared to other signs can be viewed at a closer distance. They are the first thing customers see upon entering your business. First impressions are everything, and your office sign sets a precedent for the overall impression your business gives.

Thing to Consider When Designing a Lobby Sign

  • Design and material
  • The color and size of the sign
  • The budget for the lobby sign
  • On what wall will the sign be installed?
  • How many signs does your office need?
  • The thickness that fits the wall and room
  • Should it be consistent with the other signs in your building?

Lobby Sign Options for Your Office

high-quality lobby signs in ColoradoThe lobby sign must be flawless and look perfect. A well-designed lobby sign truly represents the image of the entire company. There are many types of materials to create the look you are trying to achieve, including metal, wood, plastic, foam, and composite materials. These signs can also be custom cut and shaped to recreate your logo in a three-dimensional version. Some ideas for this type of signage include:

  • Plastic, metal, and acrylic dimensional lettering
  • Letters that are backlit
  • Vinyl lettering
  • Lettering displays and logos that are separate

In addition to taking advantage of lobby signs for branding, they can also be utilized for company and office directories, or even simply for décor and aesthetics.

Starting a business, opening a new Colorado office, or remodeling an old Colorado office? Let Front Range Sign Company® help you create your first class lobby sign, as well as any additional signage. Call us at (303) 946-0124 or stop by our printing shop in Littleton and request a free estimate. We can help with any lobby sign budget.

Make a lasting first impression with high-quality lobby signs in Colorado.

Elevate Your Image with Projecting Signs

Outdoor Hanging Signs

Outdoor Projecting Signs Help to Elevate Your Company Image

Projecting signs usually “hang” from a metal chain or metal cable. They are also referred to as hanging signs, blade signs, protruding signs, bus stop signs, and double-sided signs.

Projecting Signs Factors to Consider

Like with all sign types, there are different factors to consider when it comes to creating the projecting sign you need.Hanging Signs

Size and design are all factors to consider when designing a projecting sign. Do we use missing word material such as banners or do we use more permanent materials such as Aluminum or HDU (High-Density Urethane) which has replaced wood as the material of choice.

If the sign is too big or too small, it can look awkward once it is installed. The design is also important: The sign should match the look and feel of its environment while also projecting a positive image of the company.

You can now choose from ANY color under the sun when designing your new signage. You can even choose a reflective color.

Available in brushed silver finish, brushed gold finish, and polished silver finish. PMS Color Match available on most materials.

Projecting signs come in various forms and can be illuminated or non-illuminated. They can be built to provide an antique appearance or a bold, modern look. Cast iron scroll brackets deliver a classic look, while polished stainless steel is very desirable in contemporary settings.


  • Messaging on two sides to be viewed from front & back
  • Way-finding for high-traffic areas such as hallways, lobbies, and concourses
  • Hospitals, malls, office buildings, schools, and other retail signage applications

Enhance the elegance and beauty of our longer lasting sign materials with a decorative metal scroll bracket. Whether you want a simple, classic projecting sign or a modern intricate design, Front Range Sign Company® will raise your new custom outdoor projecting sign above the crowd. Contact us now!

Take Your Business to New Heights with Hanging Signs

How to Design Custom Signs

custom designed Channel Letters

The Importance of Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a vital item for commercial business owners’ purposes of getting new customers in the door. This can be achieved by investing in a custom sign. Whether you need a temporary banner or a permanent lighted sign, the way a sign is designed will have a significant influence on a business’ ability to capture more customers. Thankfully, there are a few design rules you can follow to create effective, eye-catching custom signs.

Tips to Designing Custom Signs

Your Logo and Application

A logo is an excellent medium to show your customers a visual impression of who you are. Your logo should be able to describe what your business is about in one crisp image, and the tagline should be simple and clean. While designing a logo, you need to consider the usage and your target market and should be consistent with your services and products.


Being consistent with the logo, color, pattern, and the message results in customer loyalty with brand recognition. They will recognize your brand everywhere they go.

Avoid Stuffing Your Signs

While it is tempting to try to squeeze everything into a single sign, overpopulating it with information is overwhelming to the customer. As a result, the information you want to deliver is not clear to them which ultimately will negatively impact brand recognition. Make sure the information you provide is relevant, concise, and straightforward.

Adhere to Local RequirementsHow to Design Custom Signs

Beyond designing an effective custom sign, it is highly important to understand the cities’ guidelines and codes. For example, in all cities, permits are required to hang a sign on a building. To avoid hefty fines that may incur when you do not follow guidelines and codes, we suggest having your sign company in Colorado check with local authorities.

For more information, call  Front Range Sign Company ® at (303) 946-0124! We are a fully insured and licensed sign company specializing in custom designed channel letters, lobby signs, lighted sign cabinets, and LED reader boards in Colorado.

Click here for a free quote.

All You Need to Know About Digital Reader Boards

What Are Digital Reader Boards

What Are Digital Reader Boards?

A digital reader board is a first-class advertising investment for any organization. In terms of efficacy, scope, and value, other advertising types cannot compare.

For businesses, schools, and churches, these signs represent the most efficient, least expensive form of advertising for small businesses. A digital reader board enables you to target a large, significant amount of potential customers who are already passing by your business for a fraction of a traditional advertising campaign cost.

Outdoor Digital Signage Benefits

Front Range Sign Company® has partnered with Watchfire Signs to bring you the best Digital Reader Boards in the industry.

Watchfire LED SignsA Watchfire Sign is the best way to reach viewers when they are in a position to act on your message. Successful advertising strategy is about touching the right people at the right time. With a high-quality digital sign gracing the front of your establishment, your sign will be seen repeatedly by passing traffic, exposing your business, or providing “frequency,” that more expensive advertising methods cannot provide.

On-premise signs ensure that your message is fully under your control. Using our EasyArt animations and Ignite software, you’ll determine your message and control the timing. Production of a TV or radio ad can take weeks, but with Watchfire LED Reader Boards, you change the message for an immediate impact.

Uses for Watchfire LED Signs

  • Remind customers of your products and services
  • Establish an identity
  • Attract new customers
  • Promote high margin inventory
  • Recruit new staff members

Watchfire LED Reader Boards empower businesses with digital signage that is among the market’s more technologically advanced. Watchfire create signs that are long lasting, good looking and ensure the right messages to the right audience at the right time.

Front Range Sign Company® offer high-quality Watchfire LED outdoor digital signs in Denver and Colorado’s Front Range. Contact us today.

Create a Prestigious Image with Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse Channel Letters in Colorado

Reverse channel letter signs, also known as “halo lit” or “backlit” letters, provide a unique and memorable approach to your signage program. These type of letters are frequently specified by signage clients who value a prestigious image in Colorado.

Channel Letter for Your BusinessReverse Lit letters

Reverse channel letters are a type of channel letter produced with aluminum returns and faces. These backlit letters produce a halo from behind due to being placed away from the wall. A clear polycarbonate back is added to inhibit animal nesting inside each letter.

Reverse letters will not illuminate on the face because the face is constructed from aluminum and the lighting is facing backward toward the wall. Behind the letter, the light floods the wall, ensuring illumination around the letter’s edge and behind them. This is also called a “halo” effect. The illumination remains within the letter structure and can be either LED or neon.

Using Channel Letter Halos Effectively

Halo Brightness

One of the most important factors of the effectiveness of a reverse channel letter set is the halo brightness. Some letter sets will not have the right halo lit effect due to not having enough light intensity.

Halo ColorUsing Channel Letter Halos Effectively

Reverse channel letter halos are not only available in white but in multiple colors, which also allow a client to match a customer’s branding color scheme. Choosing the correct halo color configuration is an important effectiveness factor.

Halo Width

Halos also vary regarding width; for example, there is a fanning out of the letter. The purpose is for an illumination bed to be formed by the halo against the outlined letters. A halo which combines both proper width and brightness can create an illuminating effect that is dramatic.

On the other hand, an overly thin halo may diminish the illumination impact. One of the causes of halo width lighting inefficiency is the letter mounting distance from the wall. 1.5″ to 2″ is the right mounting distance in most cases. A thin halo can result in the absence of the right facade mounting distance.

Façade Color Effect

The building facade’s current color and the halo color the customer wants must be carefully examined. Halo lighting may not appear the proper hue if the building surface reflects it.

If you need well-designed reverse channel letters, reach out to the best printing company in Colorado. Front Range Sign Company® has been delivering excellent service to the Littleton area since 2008. Call us at (303) 946-0124 to see how we can help.