Benefits of Upgrading Business Signage

Signs are critical components in the presentation of your business. Without a sign, you cannot let clients know who you are. Equally, aging or outdated signs can set your business back. Upgrading business signage is an excellent way to put your organization at the forefront of its industry locally.

The team at Gold Compass Real Estate understands the benefits of modern and vibrant business signage. As a real estate leader across Colorado, a dynamic, upgraded sign has served as an important gateway between the company and its clients.

Benefits of upgrading business signs are many, including making your property more valuable, increasing brand recognition, and attracting customers with immediate effect.

First Impressions Count

While it is a cliché, first impressions are all-important in business. Many consumers make decisions based on impulses and even subconscious impressions. Colorful, informative, and exciting signs can help your business stand out and entice consumers, some of whom will make their decision to work with you based on presentation alone.

Silent Salesperson

Because of their ability to draw customers instantly, you can use business signage as a silent salesperson. By developing a vibrant and interesting sign, you are selling your business directly to the consumer. Signs that mix the best of design and information are usually winners in the eyes of customers because they speak a lot about your business in a concise and attractive way.

Reflect your Product

Well-presented branding often means a well-organized business in which people care about their product or service. If you take the time, pay the money, and make the effort to create a classy network of signs both on the exterior and interior of your business, it will speak to the consumer. Customers will see it as a reflection of your overall product and attention to detail.

Brand Recognition

Any good sign will feature your company name and logo. If your products and services are of high quality, people will soon recognize your business and what it offers just by your brand. Think of giants like Coca-Cola or Apple and how their brands have become instantly recognizable. Whether you are on that scale or not, quality signage can help enhance the power of your brand.

Community Reputation

Making an investment to upgrade your business sign can also attract attention from government and community leaders in your city. Often, free publicity is available as communities reward businesses that present themselves well aesthetically.

Increase Property Value

So-called “curb appeal” is hugely important to organizations and it can significantly impact the value of commercial property. Few things are as cost-effective and time friendly when it comes to boosting the aesthetic appeal of your business as signage. Incorporating attractive external signs can contribute to the increased value of your commercial property.

To many customers, your signage will become your brand and identify your services in an instant. Gold Compass has incorporated high-quality signage and found it has aided marketability and customer retention.

To learn more about our project services, browse our website and go to our services section, or contact us and our customer care representatives will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Professional Signage Services for Effective Marketing Results

Front Range Sign Company is a full-service graphic design one-stop shop that covers much more than just designing and manufacturing high-quality signage solutions. We also provide a full range of installation and maintenance services to make sure that everything is completed professionally.

Once we have created your custom signs, we will send one of our professional installers to your location to take care of the installation, and carefully monitor and test the product for 100% accuracy.

Signage Installation Services We Provide

Project Management

From the moment we get in touch with you to the moment we deliver the final product to your location, we manage your signage project through meticulous planning, organizing, and controlling our resources to achieve your specific goal and make sure everything went as expected. Our project management services include sign permitting and getting all the approvals necessary to comply with the city and landlords’ sign codes and criteria.


Every city has its own laws and codes; thus, having the experience necessary to know what can and cannot be done with signage products is critical to avoid any unexpected situations and save time and money. Front Range Sign Company specializes in managing and expediting the complicated process of sign approval with city technicians and zoning officers to comply with the city codes. We work diligently with local governments, landlords, and any third parties involved to submit and have the sign permit approved promptly.  

Onsite Survey and Analysis

Getting to know our customers and their business activity is vital for us to understand what their needs are. Therefore, the first thing we do is to set up an onsite meeting with them to listen to their expectations and discuss the budget, sign location, time frames, electrical circuit availability, and access for installation, among a host of other issues.

During this onsite analysis, we will also be taking pictures and measurements to assure our sign drawings are accurate and to make sure we have all the information needed when presenting a permit application for review.  

High-quality signage solutions

To learn more about our project services, browse our website and go to our services section, or contact us and our customer care representatives will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Commercial Graphic Design Products in the Denver Area

custom designed Channel Letters

If you are looking for attractive signage solutions to advertise your business and stand out from your competitors, at Front Range Signs, we have what you need.

Our custom signs are made by professional designers who will work with you as a team to combine their knowledge with your ideas to accurately create what your business needs to attract more customers and increase sales.

4 Reasons to Choose Our High-Quality Signage Solutions

Legal Permits

At Front Range Signs, we are much more than just a signage design and manufacturing company. We take care of everything related to the signage creation process to make sure that everything is set up the way it should so you don’t have any legal or permit problems. With that being said, we will take care of managing and expediting the sign approval procedures with the city’s technicians and zoning officers to comply with the necessary local codes.    

Quality and Technology

Our fully insured and licensed sign company is very serious about quality and efficiency. We are continuously investing in high-end printers, premium materials, and marketing research to provide the best services to our clients.

You can rest assured that whenever you need a custom­ design for your channel letter signs, lighted sign cabinets, lobby signs, or Watchfire LED reader boards, you are getting a top of the line product with the quality and support that only Front Range Signs knows how to provide.

Customer Care

Every customer that we have is valuable to us. Without them, we wouldn’t be as successful, so we work hard to exceed their expectations and help their business grow with smart signage products. All of our staff has been trained in customer care, and we treat every single one of them with the utmost respect.  

Experience and Knowledge

At our graphic design one-stop sign shop, we have been creating custom signs for the Denver area businesses for more than eight years. During all that time, we have seen and done all types of signage projects for small, medium, and large companies, so we know what works best for our clients.

Graphic Design one-stop sign shop

Loyal Customers Are the Number One Asset of Any Business

At Front Range Sign Company, we are well aware that the reason why we have achieved success in our business is thanks to our loyal clients and how they always trust our graphic design team to take care of their signage needs. For this reason, today, we want to write a customer spotlight for two very special recurrent clients.

Customer Spotlight: Jimmy John’s and Colorado Home Fitness

Jimmy John’s Corporate & David Stalker

When it comes to their franchise owners, there are several of them who use Front Range Sign Company for their store’s marketing needs. One of them is David Stalker, who owns approximately 14 stores in Colorado. Each time that Mr. Stalker opens a new store, he calls us to take care of all the signage process, so we take charge and work with the general contractor and Jimmy John’s corporate to get all the necessary permits, manufacture, and install the approved signs.

Jimmy John’s corporate

Additionally, thanks to the great business relationship we have with Jimmy John’s Corporate, we also take down and replace their old signs with new custom signage with updated information. Jimmy John’s has been a long-time client of our company, and we hope to keep this business relationship for many years to come.

Colorado Home Fitness

Another of our recurrent customers that rely on us to work on their commercial signage needs is Colorado Home Fitness. They offer high-quality home fitness equipment and currently have retail stores located in Broomfield, Denver, Lakewood/Littleton, and Park Meadows.

Colorado Home Fitness sells treadmills and elliptical machines, stationary bikes, and weight machines, and some of the brands you can find in their stores are Precor and Hoist. If you want to learn more about their products, you can visit their website.

What to Look for Before Choosing a Signage Company

There comes a time for every business owner to choose a graphic design company to work on their commercial signage needs. Due to the many options available in today’s crowded marketplace, it can get very tricky to choose one.

For that reason, we want to provide some useful tips so it can be easier to make a smart pick and find the best option to meet your marketing needs and get the most out of your commercial signs.

Graphic Design one-stop sign shop

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Company for Your Signage Products

1) Ask Others

A recommendation is a very powerful thing because it means that someone else has already used a product or service and thus has a valid opinion about it. Asking other businesses near your area or a landlord about their preferred signage company is a very useful thing to do.

2) Research

Today, Google is our best ally to find information. Using it to find sign companies in your area is a smart thing to do. Once you find a few, browse their website to find more information about them and learn more about the products and services that they offer.

3) Professionalism

Professionalism is vital to assure that you are getting things done properly. Make sure to choose a company with certified designers that do on-site visits to see the space available, as well as meet with you to discuss your signage needs, ideas, location, and permit details.

4) Customer Service

If, after following all of these steps, you find yourself with several options to choose from, always choose the signage company that you feel most comfortable with, and the one that you feel provides the best customer attention.

This is paramount to guarantee you will be treated right and that you will have all the support needed whenever you have questions and concerns about your signage design, manufacturing, and installation processes.

Custom marketing products

We Love to Give Back and Help Our Community Grow

Supporting Our Community with Charitable Donations Is Important to Us

At Front Range Sign Company, we are well aware that our business success has been achieved thanks to the support of our community. We also believe that we have to give them back a little of everything they have given us during all these years.

Every year, we make charitable donations in the form of custom banners, signs, T-shirts, and other miscellaneous items for free or at a very low cost to schools and neighborhood teams, among other beneficiaries.  

Helping Others Is Our Way of Saying Thank You!

We feel extremely proud of belonging to this community, and our way of letting them know that is by contributing with high-quality signage and other accessories to help them grow.

We have supported several institutions and organizations, such as Governor’s Ranch Elementary, Northglenn High School, Colorado Tennis Association, Ambleside School at Red Rocks, Governor’s Ranch Gators swimming team, and Kenny Yoo’s Tae Kwon Do. We hope to keep supporting many others in the years to come and continue watching our beautiful community to flourish.  

High-quality signage products

Contact Us Today and Let’s Help Each Other Grow!

For the last eight years, Front Range Signs has been providing small, medium, and large companies with high-quality signage products for their marketing needs.

Each time you choose our graphic design company, you are not only getting a premium quality product, but you are also helping us grow and use part of our profits to help others overcome a difficult situation and improve as well. So, at the end of the day, we all support each other, and that’s the beauty of it!

Whether you’re in need of lobby signs, channel letter signs, or any other signage product, we are ready to take your order and use our high-end technology, highly qualified staff, and passion to create the most attractive signage solutions for your business needs.

Outdoor Digital Signs for Your Community Activities

Outdoor Digital Signs

Promote Your Community & Events Using Outdoor Digital Signs

Get your community involved! Digital LED signage is attention grabbing, which gives you the perfect opportunity to let everyone know about your community achievements or upcoming events. With an outdoor digital display, you could:

  • Promote community events
  • Remind people to vote
  • Welcome visitors

Recognize Community Achievements

Having digital signs in your community will help you spread the word quickly, It is also a great option or complement to paper advertising. Your municipality takes advantage by going green and significantly decrease the amount of paper waste by promoting events digitally. If you have not already, we recommend installing outdoor digital signs in front of local schools and your main administrative buildings. These places often provide the most visibility and traffic for spreading news within communities.

Bring Awareness to Your Community With Digital Displays

Your digital municipality signs do not always have to be about promoting the community. Simple reminders and emergency announcements can be helpful to locals and passersby. If you have a fire or police departments near busy roads, take advantage of the location and install a digital municipality sign. These signs are perfect for:Digital LED signage

  • Emergency information
  • Public service announcements
  • Friendly reminders like “Buckle up!”, “Slow down!”, or “Check your detector!”

Also, having digital signs in front of your emergency service buildings also brings attention to where they actually are located and can help make your community a safer place.

Installing Digital Signage in Your Community

If you want to get started with the best digital display for your municipality, partner up with a professional sign company. From acquiring permits to design & installation, Front Range Sign Company is an all-inclusive provider of custom signs, channel letter, and more.

Ready to start with your next sign project? Contact us today!

How Digital Municipality Signs Can Benefit Communities

Digital Municipality Signs

Make Your City or Town a More Welcoming Place to Be

Digital signs are designed for creating a great first impression, and many municipalities have already discovered how significant their impact can be. From influencing event participation to public service announcements, digital signs can help drive your overall community involvement.

Here are some ideas of the message you can display:

  • Hours of operation
  • Emergency notices
  • Upcoming events
  • Current time & temperature

Best Uses for Digital Municipality Signage

digital signs for municipalitiesThe more care you put into your public works, the more likely residents are to use them. These places for your community should be welcoming, and a digital sign is an excellent form to make that statement.

Places like libraries, parks, and schools could use a little help for additional activity. Your local library, for instance, might not be as active as you would like. A digital sign can be the ideal signage solution that draws the community back in. Your sign could display a message like “Book Club meetings every Saturday at 3 PM,” or you could use it to advertise new book releases that are now available for borrowing. In a similar manner, a digital sign can act as a perfect welcoming item at the front of your municipal park. Park hours and any events or gatherings that may be coming up can be displayed on a digital sign.

Digital technology has also been appreciated by fire and police stations for the ability to quickly broadcast vital safety messages to a large area and can serve as a public safety tool to alert the community about emergency situations.

Stay tuned to learn more about what digitals signs can do for your community. If you need digital signage in Colorado, please contact Front Range Sign Company. Let us offer your community the benefits of digital signs with our high-impact, high-visibility signage options and in-depth knowledge of zoning laws and standardized requirements.

High-Quality Cabinet Signs – Part 2

High-quality illuminated business signs

Give Identity to Your Business with Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are also referred to as wall signs, light boxes, and box signs. This is an effective and quick way to make your business identifiable to others. A high-quality cabinet sign will utilize both colorful graphics and adequate copy.

Benefits of Cabinet Signs

  • Cost-effective alternative
  • Powered with LED lighting or lamps
  • County, UL, and city-approved
  • Lightweight, durable and low in maintenance
  • Made in a variety of styles, colors, designs, and shapes
  • Convenient when trying to display additional company information

Note: The retainer is dictated by the size of the cabinet.

Reach Out the Cabinet Signs Experts

At Front Range Sign Company, we are experts at creating and installing lighted sign cabinets and are ready to get yours up and running. We offer a large variety of lighted sign cabinets in different sizes and shapes. We can custom fabricate your lighted wall sign just the way you want it. The “face” of your sign can be anything you want from the simple lettering on a white background to color digital graphics. We can also create form faced sign cabinets as well as lighted sign cabinets with aluminum faces with push-thru or routed letters.

High-quality illuminated business signs provide the ability to communicate with your community. Custom illuminated cabinet sign are versatile and work great for every type of business. We offer a diversity of signs that will not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations.

If you already know what you want to put on the sign you want to purchase, buy it now by contacting Front Range Sign Company in Colorado.

installing lighted sign cabinets

Whether you are opening a new business, need to update your current corporate image, or need an upgrade to your existing cabinet sign for night visibility, be sure to give us a call at (303) 946-0124.

High-Quality Cabinet Signs – Part 1

high-quality cabinet signs in Colorado

Illuminate Your Business with a Cabinet Sign

Cabinet signsbox signs, or wall signs are large displays that can be non-illuminated or internally illuminated by many methods including LED, bulbs, fluorescent, and neon.

Light boxes can be single-sided or double-sided. While the most popular use of cabinet signs is single-sided, mounted flush to a wall, they can also be mounted on a base, on a pole, perpendicular to a wall, and in many other signs in Colorado

These materials can be used to create dimension on a sign face:

  • FCO
  • Push Thru
  • Exposed Neon
  • Routed and Backed
  • Channel Letters (Front or Reverse)

Wall signs are perfect for businesses, churches, schools, internal signage, service centers, and much more.

The Importance of Sign Thickness

The thickness of a cabinet sign does more than imparting a more importance to the cabinet sign; it also affects the graphics.

The minimum allowable thickness of a cabinet sign depends on the type of internal lighting and the size and type of the sign face.

Generally speaking, the sign cabinet has to be made thicker the larger the sign face.

It is vital that the sign has enough thickness to prevent the effect of “hot spots” or “zebra striping” on the box sign face. Either of these errors makes your sign look “cheap,” no matter what its cost. At night, the sign may not be readable by those looking at it if these issues occur. You have seen those!

Box signs allow for an efficient way of utilizing large copy area and eye-popping graphics. They can be internally illuminated with either fluorescent lamps or LEDs.

Check our post section for more information on this topic. If you need high-quality cabinet signs in Colorado, reach out to Front Range Sign Company for a free on-site consultation and estimate on creating your lighted sign cabinet.